Wyoming Fossils Located in Kemmerer Wyoming
Ready for a Dig?

Ready for a Dig?

Fossil Lake dried up 50 million years ago, but the history is pressed between layers of limestone, neatly preserved and beautiful to behold. So when you experience a dig is not like fishing because these fossils are the laid beneath the land before time in and around Kemmerer, Wyoming. Are you ready?

Fossil Butte National Monument

A visit to Fossil Butte, Wyoming’s second and largely unknown National Monument, located nine miles west of Kemmerer on US 30. This majestic place is where you can experience what was happening over 50 million years ago. Established in 1972, it protects a small but especially scenic section of the Fossil Lake treasure and offers interpretive trails and a fine visitor center where pages of the area’s ancient history are opened to view.

Fossil Butte National Monument national treasure, the fossils of many kinds such as Cenozoic ecosystem, plants, fish, insects, reptiles like crocodiles and turtles. There are rare mammals—tiny horses and bats, where the land before time lays.

Time travel is aided by a beautiful diorama which, if you screen out the surrounding distractions, allows you to stand in the lake of this tropical, 50 million-year-old world or take a trail to find your history in time.


Fossil Quarries is where the Digging Begins

In the Kemmerer area, there are several private quarries that have opened the rich rock layers for amateur and professional searchers and we can take you on Your Next Adventure.  Just go to our Sign up for a Dig Adventure on the right-hand side of our site.




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